We don’t know. Do you? While some schools have dedicated college counselors, often times schools pile “college counseling” on top of normal school counselors. This is a mistake. College counseling is its own field. In addition, your school counselors are very likely overwhelmed with a huge number of students and lots of forms, recommendations, etc to fill out. We can give you the attention that you need, one-on-one, through this arduous process.
Of course. In fact, not only will we advise you, but, should you choose to use a Mulholland Prep tutor or class, we’ll give you 10% off.
A college counselor’s job is two-fold, really. First, he/she needs to guide you through the college search process. There are literally thousands of schools around the world. And you won’t have time to look at all of them. We’ll help you narrow down your choices, make suggestions based on interviews with you and questionnaires, and help you find a college that’s just the right fit. Second, a college counselor helps you to put the application itself together to present you in the best light. This comes in the form of essay guidance and revisions, resumé building, interview coaching, and making sure you get everything in well ahead of deadlines. Everything you need to look your best when you hit that “submit” button.
Sure. Go for it. We do. Of course, we look at dozens and dozens of other publications, visit colleges, have hundreds of former students at different schools; walk through the application process dozens of times each year…you get the idea.
Contact us. Nothing pleases us more than being able to help out students who have financial need to find a school that will help them through the process.
For details about schedule, location and availability — or if you just have more questions — call us at (424) 235-7737. Or email. We’re here to help.