“This is the only tutoring we’d give our kids”

We’ve knocked around the test prep and tutoring business for years. Guru tutoring positions, writing manuals, accolades galore, blah blah blah. We know all the shortcuts and tricks to the business. We’ve had a front-row seat watching others build companies designed to grow fast by cranking students through in volume, focusing more on the sales and less on the actual product, even while claiming to cause incredible score improvement (some legitimately, some otherwise).

Then we had kids of our own.

That forced us to ask ourselves, when the time came, where would we send them? When they needed enrichment, expert tutors, preparation for high-stakes tests like the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT or even professional credentials? Understand, we’re not moderately fond of our kids. Imperfect though they may be, we’re massively head-over-heels in love with them. Why wouldn’t we be? They’re ours. There is no ocean too wide nor mountain too tall if crossing or climbing it means our kids have a better shot at becoming happy, successful adults who live up to their potential.

So we looked at all of the companies we knew involved in test preparation, tutoring and enrichment classes. Admittedly, some did a few things very well, and if we could have combined this from him and that from her, we’d have been off to the races. But usually, for completely valid reasons, combining those things was impossible. All too often, the reasons came down to finance.

Then we allowed ourselves to imagine — what if money were no object? If there were absolutely no need to cut corners, the sky’s the limit, exactly what would define the educational service that would wildly excite us to send our own kids to? And we’re not just sincere, well-meaning parents wondering that; we’re experts in the field.

Which led us to build a company where every single person, from tutors to manual writers to managers, all the way to the accountants, looks at every issue through precisely one lens: how exactly would I do my job were this my child in front of me?

Because for some of us, that day is fast approaching. And for others, it’s here.

We look forward to you checking out Mulholland Prep — and hope you’ll find it as exciting as we do.

Dov Engelberg, President