We are so excited to announce this summer’s enrichment classes!

Each class will be hosted online over the course of 6-8 weeks, with one class a week. Grades 5-7.


Sports Journalism

Do you love sports? Do you love telling dramatic stories? Getting the inside scoop? Some of the best writing in history is sportswriting! Over the course of six weeks of foundational instruction, personal projects, and guided advice, this class will ignite your child’s passion for sports while teaching them the essential skills of journalism.


Lights, camera, action! This class will teach students the art of crafting compelling stories for the screen. From mastering the basics of screenplay format to exploring the secrets of character development, our expert instructor will inspire young writers to bring their imaginations to life.

Financial Literacy

Empower your child with the essential tools they need to navigate the financial landscape with confidence. This class is designed to make learning about money fun and accessible for 5th to 7th graders. From budgets and stocks to scams and schemes, together we will learn the power of the piggy bank!