Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I want a tutor?

That’s like asking “why would I want a Rolls-Royce?”! Tutors allow for one-on-one attention, create time and space for questions and explanations that satisfy an individual student’s learning style, give students confidence, and allow students to get a leg up over their peers.

Is tutoring better than a classroom environment?

It depends. In general, yes. But that assumes the tutor is a great instructor him/herself, and that he/she is trained to work in a one-on-one situation. But, the short answer is — yes.

How do you choose the right tutor for me?

First we look at each student’s individual needs, and, moving from there, we try to assign specialists in that subject area. We look for tutors who have worked with that school or curriculum before, and of course, we listen to any requests you have.

What if I don't like the tutor you assign to my child?

This rarely happens. When it does, of course, we work with you to find the right tutor for you!

Does tutoring proceed on a schedule, or is it never-ending?

This is one of the biggest questions parents have. The idea is that a lot of tutoring begets more tutoring. We aren’t in that game. We recognize that there are times when students need a little more attention than the school can provide, and there are times when that attention needs to be ongoing. Still, we endeavor to try to help students become independent in their studies. We aren’t “homework helpers”. One of our primary goals is always to help create better students, not just ones who have a greater mastery over specific material.

More questions?
For details about schedule, location and availability — or if you just have more questions — call us at (424) 235-7737. Or email. We’re here to help.