Kathleen D.

For as long as I can remember, my passion has been about people- namely figuring out how to inspire compassion and manage empathy. After growing up in Chicago, I headed towards the next coolest city to pursue my BA in Geography at UCLA.


I was thrilled to discover an interdisciplinary major that sought to expand on the complexities of people, grounding them in the spaces we live within and move through. The things I learned outside the classroom were just as radical. It was during the height of the pandemic when I began working full time as both a caretaker and a tutor. As we all know, this was a special time when human connection was at once incredibly intimate and frustratingly distant (hello Zoom school!). I found I can make a crucial difference in the well-being of others by offering my time, knowledge, attention, and care to those growing up in the midst of such a wacky world.


I am proud to say that in every tutoring session, whether it be ISEE/ERB test prep or customized academic enrichment, I am bringing care-filled instruction to the table! I strive to help students achieve their goals and thrive for those moments when they can feel proud of themselves. When I’m not dancing about your child’s breakthroughs, I can be found cooking, practicing yoga, chatting with my mom on the phone, leading hydrotherapy in the pool or striking up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.
As of 2023, I’ve also been the one behind our Mulholland Prep newsletters and social media posts! Feel free to reach out to me by emailing hello@mulhollandprep.com.