What we DO NOT DO 

  • Some companies and/or independent counselors will increase the stress of the application process by adding to the ever-present feeling that students have that “If I don’t get into an IVY league or equivalent school, I’m a failure.” We stress to our counseling students that there is a “right fit” school for everyone, and it often has nothing to do with where that school ranks in a magazine or whether people have heard of it. If what you want is someone to sell you on getting into Harvard or Stanford (both great schools, we get it), you need to look somewhere else. What we try to do is make sure that our students stay sane through this process, and that the end result is one with which they are happy. Some of our students end up in so-called “top-ranked” schools. Others end up at schools you’ve never heard of – and are often just as happy or happier. 
  • We don’t write letters of recommendation (that’s one of your school counselor’s many jobs), we don’t place calls, and we don’t make introductions. 
  • While we have some student-athletes who work with us to help them through the logistics of the application process itself, we do not work in the world of athletic recruiting. There are a number of good, honest independent counselors who work with athletic recruits to help them navigate the wonderful world of NCAA recruiting. 
  • As our essay services are always in high demand, it’s important to note that we will discuss and brainstorm ideas for what to write/topic. We will go through drafts after draft, making comments and suggestions, and push you to produce a statement you’ll be proud of years from now. But we won’t write it for you. 

What we DO 

  • We’ll help you develop your four-year academic course plan 
  • Discuss extracurricular activities, summer enrichment and community service opportunities 
  • Help with resumé building/formatting 
  • Determine appropriate testing timeline, and test preparation 
  • Explore colleges, careers, and majors 
  • Discuss college visits, college fairs, and career fairs. 
  • Help you balance your school application list 
  • Review entrance requirements by schools of interest 
  • Preparation for interviews 
  • Brainstorm for powerful college essays, provide suggestions and comments on personal statements and other essays (we DO NOT write essays – there are places that do that – we aren’t one of them!)                      
  • Keep you organized: on-schedule to meet deadlines, document submission, & minimize stress 
  • Organize information for compelling letters of recommendations 
  • Review college applications for errors/typos before submission 
  • Provide Financial Aid information and assistance 
  • Provide scholarship information and assistance 

PLANNING FOR COLLEGE CAN BE STRESSFUL. Where do I apply? What schools will be a good fit for me? How many schools should I apply to? Is [School A] too much of a “reach”? What should I write about in my essay? What should I be doing now? How do I stay organized? Our College Counseling Services are dedicated to providing comprehensive counseling and guidance to students and their parents as they explore their college options.

Since we also provide the best test prep and tutoring in Southern California, we are in a unique situation to know your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests. Our counselors communicate with the tutors who work with counseling students in other areas. This helps us provide a more complete and personalized counseling experience.

Our team is dedicated to helping students navigate the sometimes overwhelming application process and ensure that they find the right school and put their best foot forward in the application. Our counselors help discover the path that works with your student’s unique talents and goals. Email or call us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Don’t I have a college counselor at my school?
We don’t know. Do you? While some schools have dedicated college counselors, often times schools pile “college counseling” on top of normal school counselors. This is a mistake. College counseling is its own field. In addition, your school counselors are very likely overwhelmed with a huge number of students and lots of forms, recommendations, etc to fill out. We can give you the attention that you need, one-on-one, through this arduous process.
I don’t know which tests to take, will you advise me on that?
Of course. In fact, not only will we advise you, but, should you choose to use a Mulholland Prep tutor or class, we’ll give you 10% off.
How will you help me get into a school? Isn’t that based on me and my record?
A college counselor’s job is two-fold, really. First, he/she needs to guide you through the college search process. There are literally thousands of schools around the world. And you won’t have time to look at all of them. We’ll help you narrow down your choices, make suggestions based on interviews with you and questionnaires, and help you find a college that’s just the right fit. Second, a college counselor helps you to put the application itself together to present you in the best light. This comes in the form of essay guidance and revisions, resumé building, interview coaching, and making sure you get everything in well ahead of deadlines. Everything you need to look your best when you hit that “submit” button.
Can’t I just look at the US News and World Report college issue?
Sure. Go for it. We do. Of course, we look at dozens and dozens of other publications, visit colleges, have hundreds of former students at different schools; walk through the application process dozens of times each year…you get the idea.
Aren’t you contributing to the crazy selective college admission problems we always read about?
We’re trying not to, in fact. We try to find schools that are the right fit, not the highest ranked or most selective. Anyone can do that.
Do you offer scholarships?
Contact us. Nothing pleases us more than being able to help out students who have financial need to find a school that will help them through the process.
More questions?
For details about schedule, location and availability — or if you just have more questions — call us at (424) 235-7737. Or email. We’re here to help.